‘Black Origami’ by Jlin


Artist: Jlin

Album: Black Origami

Label: Planet Mu

A variety of percussive instrumentals, synth, and voice samples come together to create the album ‘Black Origami’. However, these elements alone do not adequately describe the sinister and mischievous ambiance given to us by Jlin. This Indiana-native shows us the darker side of the footwork genre. Tracks on this album feature feelings of anger, irritation, and frustration, but are guaranteed to leave the listener feeling energized.

‘Black Origami’ introduces a fun, mysterious vibe that flows seamlessly into the next song, ‘Enigma’; the atmosphere of these songs made me think of a very intense boss battle in one of the desert regions from Legend of Zelda.  ‘Calcination’ & ‘Holy Child’ seem to employ more ethereal voice samples compared to other songs on the album. If you’re not yet familiar or comfortable with the frenetic vibes of the footwork/breakbeat genre, I suggest listening to these two songs before delving further into the album.


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