“Come My Brother, Let’s Go to the City!’ by Suthep Daoduangmai Band (Redo)


Artist: Suthep Daoduangmai Band

Release: Come My Brother, Let’s Go to the City!

Label: EM Records

One of the last good things remaining of 2016. This style of music is Phleng Luk Thung (translated as “Child of the Field song”), a genre that became very popular in central Thailand after World War II. Interestingly enough, this album was released in Japan! All songs have a very groovy feel, a little bit faster than an ambling walking pace. Easy listening, I really wish I knew what was being said; there seems to be a different story told with each song. If you go through the titles, it seems like they go to the city, have some funnn, meet some girrrls, get some money, and decide to call it a day and reconvene when their time on Earth has ended.

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