‘Uyai’ by Ibibio Sound Machine


Artist: Ibibio Sound Machine

Release: Uyai

Label: Merge Records

This album was ABSOLUTELY refreshing. Modern post-punk and electronic genres mix with heavy West African funk & disco influences to create a dance genre unique to Southern Nigeria (shout out to my fellow Naija peeps).

The Chant (Iquo Isang) features a talking drum, an instrument used in West African cultures to mimic the tones of human language; in a way the drum is mimicked by the synths to create a really funky noise. Joy (Idaresit) has very clear post punk influences, which contrasts with the 80s vibe the rest of the album gives out. Definitely worth listening to all the songs. No two songs sound alike in this album.

Recommended: 1, 2, 4, 6, 11


‘Process’ by Sampha


Artist: Sampha

Release: Process

Label: Young Turks

Based in London, Sampha brings a familiar feel from the electronic dance and soul genre. The album features a very diverse group of songs. Plastic 100° and Blood On Me have more of a pop feel to their melodies, kind of reminiscient of Mobley and The Weeknd (never mind the fact that this guy totally has the same hair style going on as The Weeknd…very questionable high top dreadlock combination that makes me feel kind of uncomfortable BUT TO EACH THEIR OWN). Once you get down to the second half of the album, you start to get more of a feel of who the artist is. He creates soft, beautiful electronic landscapes, layered with very mellow synths and melodic vocals.

Recommended: 2, 3, 6, 9