‘Selected Tracks for Nacht Damonen’ by Byul.org


Artist: Byul.org

Release: Selected Tracks for Nacht Dämonen

Label: Alien Transistor


In case you’re curious “nacht dämonen” is german for night demon (google translate told me so), which is why a lot of the songs on this album are dark and ominous. Very haunting harmonies and lots of ambient noise, with different genres of music interspersed throughout. ‘20thcenturyforyouandme’ is reminiscent of indie pop songs (think Vampire Weekend), while ‘Days & Nights’ has a focus on ambient distorted voices and noise, laid atop an amalgam of delicate melodies wavering back and forth (like wind chimes…really muffled, dented and distorted wind chimes, but still really beautiful). The first three songs of the album are definitely very grungy in comparison to some of the others in here, so if you’re into that these tracks are just for you. ‘Friday Night’ definitely refreshingly, and surprisingly, funky.


Recommended: 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12