No Future by Moire


Artist: Moire

Release: No Future

Label: Ghostly International


Immerse yourself with snaps & claps, bass, and the sultry voice of Moire as you move through ‘No Future’. This album belongs to a darker side of contemporary techno. The muffled texture of the drums and bass leave a seedy feeling; couple this with the playful, yet sensual melodies of the synthesizer and you get very unique songs. ‘Opium’ has a thick, hazy atmosphere; the synthesizer melody leave you with a longing, especially since it doesn’t hang around too long. ‘Jupiter’ has a bit of a funky feel to it, while ‘Lost You’ leans towards hip-hop. No two songs on this album is the same, so I encourage you to listen to everything if you ever get the chance!


Recommended: 2, 4, 7, 10


Jade Oladosu 3/31/2017